Zenith and Land Rover Team Up to Create History

Land Rover and watchmaker Zenith have teamed up to produce an unique watch commemorating both of their incredible brands.

Both Land Rover and Zenith were founded in 1969. Land Rover produced the iconic Range Rover that combined both comfort and off-roading capabilities, and Zenith produced the first working prototype of the self-winding chronograph, called the El Primero chronograph movement.

Over the years both the Range Rover and the El Primero continued to be recognized for their excellence in their respective areas.

“The match between our two brands is very strong,” says Aldo Magada, President and CEO of Zenith. “Zenith and Range Rover are both pioneers in our respective industries, and we both create unique, innovative products. Through timeless design, both brands express authentic luxury. The Zenith team is very excited to start this long-term partnership with Range Rover, another superb brand and kindred spirit.”

The special watch, the Zenith El Primero Range Rover, will have a 42mm case made of ceramist aluminum that combines durability and light weight like the Range Rover. The Range Rover also features minimalist aesthetic of its dashboard controls which has been mimicked in the Zenith El Primero Range Rover’s clean appearance.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, continues, “The Zenith El Primero is one of the most distinctive watch designs ever produced, in my view. Therefore it has been imperative to honor and respect this iconic design. It had to remain unmistakably an El Primero, but allude to Range Rover DNA.”

“We believe the Range Rover’s particular combination of luxury and performance to be unique, and the new Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic takes those qualities to the highest level yet,” McGovern says. “No mechanical chronograph has surpassed Zenith’s El Primero for accuracy or proved its quality over such a long period of time. To me, that makes these two great pieces of design a perfect fit.”

So, go ahead this holiday season! Head on over to an authorized Zenith dealer and purchase the Zenith El Primero Range Rover for that someone who truly appreciates luxury and performance.

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