Do It Yourself Oil Change

oil change, new, used car dealer, Land Rover Frisco, Frisco, Texas Even if you don’t have a knack for working on cars, changing the oil on your vehicle yourself can be quite a simple task and in the end will save you time and money and extend the engine life of your car as well as give you better MPG.  Here at Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas we are committed to providing you with the necessary information and tools to make your car operate with ultimate efficiency and reliability.

Tools and materials required:

  • Wrench to remove drain plug
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Oil Drain Pan
  • Funnel
  • Latex Gloves
  • Oil and Oil Filter
  • Car Jack (optional)

Choosing the correct oil and oil filter for you vehicle is very crucial when changing the oil on your vehicle, and our mechanics here at Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas will be happy to recommend the correct brands for you.  If you are changing your own oil for the first time, make sure you take the necessary safety precautions especially if you are raising your car up, and also make sure that your car is never hot when beginning this process.

Learning to do your own oil change will not only save you time and money, but will give you great satisfaction in the end and will be an excellent way for you to connect with your car and help you gain the proper knowledge that will make you aware of what things under your hood may need attention in the future.  

All of us at Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas want you to be proud of the care that you give to your vehicle and are always here to answer any questions or assist you in any way we can to ensure that your car runs with a clean bill of health for years to come!


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