Tackle That Terrain!

At Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas we realize that from time to time you may want to venture off the beaten path onto more adventurous landscapes so that you can put your vehicle to the test.   Luckily for you, we incorporated the one-of-a-kind Land Rover Terrain Response system that rests at your fingertips to help you along the way.terrain

The patented Terrain Response system allows you to select one of several modes that optimizes performance on a variety of different surfaces.  And with the recent advent of Terrain Response 2 Auto, you now have the option of letting your Land Rover sense and adjust to the appropriate combination of terrain response settings automatically.  At the flick of a switch, Terrain Response 2 Auto reconfigures transmission, suspension and traction settings for maximum drivability in just about any condition.

Here are the different modes briefly explained:

This is for driving on paved roads around town and on the highway and is also suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground.

Throttle response is dialed back to reduce wheelspin, the transmission starts in second gear and the differential locks are set to be more aggressive. This is the first mode since it represents the type of terrain drivers are likely to encounter the most often.

Suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground.  In this mode, the transmission starts in first gear and the system recommends both low range and a raised suspension

To counter loose sand, the system dials back throttle response and changes the transmission shift pattern to maximize power.

Over larger moguls, drivers need reduced throttle response but a more aggressive traction control. This mode only works in low range since rock crawling is not to be done at speed.


So as you can clearly see, there is no terrain too tough for your Land Rover to tackle, and alliteration aside, there is simply no better SUV on the market that you should be looking at buying.   So stop by Land Rover Frisco today and let us help you begin your journey into the off-road realm of infinite possibility.

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