Range Rover Explores Norwegian Fjords

Renowned photography and native Norwegian, Jonas Bendiksen, and Land Rover have teamed up to create a series called “Ultimate Vistas.” This group of photographs feature unbelievable landscapes by Bendiksen throughout Norway. To get from place to place Bendiksen uses the Range Rover to make sure he tackle all terrains.

During Part 1 of the Ultimate Vistas Series Bendiksen drove from Oslo through the Dovre Mountains. In Part 2, he drove through Trollstigen.

After photographing Trollstigen, Bendiksen drove west towards the fjords of Norway and ended up in the area around Geiranger. Bendiksen realized how important light played when he tried to photograph the fjords.

“Light and timing is everything, especially in what I’m doing right now,” Bendiksen said. “When the things I am actually photographing are so still, then the light becomes more important. There is no golden hour here. We are photographing mountains and a lot of the time some are still quite high to come across into the valleys. The only variable I have is where to stand and the light.”

The lighting ended up being more of challenge to Bendiksen than he thought, so he took the night to regroup before trying again the next day.

“First day roughing around out here I was kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time so I decided to take one more night and explore a hotel called Uvet Landscape Hotel. I think my favorite thing about the hotel is that it’s all built around nature. Each room is so unique. A box with a glass facade fits you right in the woods. What a place to wake up. Lying in bed in this dark room and outside dawn is coming and lighting up this forest landscape.”

The next day he was up and ready to get going.

“After that first day I discovered that the fjords had bends in a ’S’ shape, and right around the first bend was an abandoned farm on some cliff. From there you can look out towards a waterfall, a bend in the fjord, and I decided that would be worth looking at. I figured that the best way to get there would be to drive to the closest place you can get with a car, and then see if we could hire a boat and cross the fjord that way.”

“When I got to the mooring point I realized time was already running out, so I ended up running up this hill. As you’re climbing up you don’t see anything, it’s sort of dense foliage around you, and then suddenly the path goes over a more exposed rock that elevates you about the trees, and bang! You have this crazy vista.”

Even with all the hurrying and running. Bendiksen “got there right before the light ran out,” so he got his picture.

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