Off-Road Racing in the Defender

When it comes to crushing swamps and blazing through muddy tracks, the Land Rover Defender is a true veteran. Also known as Champion the Wondercamel, the Defender features Land Rover’s 4×4 architecture along with a fierce roll cage. Would you rather compete on a boring circular track or dive through the mud like a true racer?

Race engineers cherish the low center of gravity and responsive feedback that give the Defender an edge for both novice drivers and professionals. Charging through gravel paths with the new aluminum gear stick will be seamless as driver enjoy the rugged four-wheel drive experience.

Fire up the engine and you will hear the vehicle come to life, not necessarily a race-style V8 engine but the V8 diesel engine will grumble as you get ready to ride!

As you take off at terrifying speeds, the Defender will hug the corners of the turns and it’s all about anticipating what the vehicle will do next. It takes high jumps with ease but will magnify your errors while driving if you aren’t attentive.

Trail-braking as you turn will make the drive go smoothly and avoiding understeering while changing direction. Off-road racing is much more of an art as opposed to a full speed ahead drive, which is what makes the Defender the perfect contender with huge axle articulation.

The 2.2 diesel engine may not top a dragster for kick from the starting line but it will shove it’s weight impressively when it gets to the sweet spot of around 3,000 rpm. Ploughing through mud and huge puddles will be no feat for this vehicle as it is intended to get down and dirty!

Most of all, the Land Rover Defender is loads of fun and makes off-road driving a memorable experience.

Ready to test drive your next Land Rover? Contact us at Land Rover Frisco for more information!

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Land Rover and Red Cross Introduce Project Hero

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar Land Rover designed an advanced communication vehicle known as ‘Project Hero’ to support the Austrian Red Cross in disaster response efforts. This special version of the new Land Rover Discovery will be used by the Red Cross to save lives by accelerating response times and improving rescue efficiency.

Their work with the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) has made a huge impact on humanitarian efforts around the world. Since 1954, Land Rover has backed the Red Cross with over 120 Range Rover vehicles for disaster efforts across the globe.

The Project Hero Discovery is the first SUV vehicle with a drone landing pad proudly developed by the Special Vehicle Operations department of JLR. The landing system boasts magnetic technology and self-centering to allow the drone to land safely while the SUV is moving.

The drone functionality will allow the emergency response personnel to view live footage to not only respond to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods but also to rescue survivors. Having an eye in the sky will help combat landscape changes and simplify the investigation and rescue planning process.

In addition to the drone enhancement, the interior of the Project Hero vehicle is equipped with a work surface area in the rear. The heavy-duty flooring slides out and additional equipment can be mounted behind the seats. With LED lighting positioned throughout the cabin, rescuers will also have improved night vision.

The Project Hero Discovery is currently in testing at the Austrian Red Cross center in Erzberg, where new disaster relief methods are being developed and simulated. The testing is slotted to be completed in June 2018, at which time it will be used in real life emergency support. The vehicle even has a full ensemble of radio equipment for responders to make contact during a disaster.

Jaguar Land Rover hopes that this unique vehicle will be used to save lives and perform extraordinary humanitarian efforts.

Thinking about exploring the new Land Rover Discovery? Contact us at Land Rover Frisco. We would love to show you our available inventory!

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Range Rover Sport Takes on New Challenge

The new Land Rover Range Rover Sport was put to the test as it raced two-time open-water swimming world champion Keri-Anne Payne and endurance athlete Ross Edgley. This trial tested the Range Rover Sport’s all-terrain ability and new gas-electric performance.

Keri-Anne Payne and Ross Edgley took off swimming 0.9 miles across ocean water from Bantham Beach to Burgh Island in South Devon, United Kingdom. The goal was to swim faster than the Range Rover Sport was able to drive 8.7 miles off-road to the same island.

The Range Rover Sport made a record-setting climb up Pikes Peak, a record crossing of the ‘Empty Quarter’ desert, and finally down the Downhill Alpine Ski Challenge course from last year. Once the Range Rover Sport made it to the bottom the tide had come up and covered its path to Burgh Island so it had to use its Electric Vehicle mode and drive through almost 3 ft of water to reach its destination.

In the end, the Range Rover Sport won the challenge, beating Keri-Anne Payne and Ross Edgley.

The new Range Rover Sport has an option to feature an advanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrain engine. This P400e engine has an Electric Vehicle range of 31 miles with 101mpg and very low emissions. The new Range Rover Sport is the first Land Rover model to offer the new advanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicles technology.

“Only a Land Rover could blend electrified sustainable performance with the absolute capability required to take on two open water swimmers,” Nick Collins, Jaguar Land Rover Vehicle Line Director, said. “The introduction of the latest PHEV technology broadens the appeal of the Range Rover Sport. Whisper quiet in EV mode, it brings a new level of serenity to the driving experience and the transition to combined power is seamless, delivering an addictive performance boost at the top end.”

The new Range Rover Sport will go on sale at the end of this year. For more information contact us at Land Rover Frisco! We look forward to answering any questions you have!

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The Ultimate Driving Kitchen

Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and TV Personality and Chef Jamie Oliver have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen on wheels! The Land Rover Discovery was chosen as the base for this incredible project. Its 82.7 cubic feet of luggage space and storage made it the perfect candidate.

The Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations team was able to implement idea after idea of Oliver’s. In the end, the special Land Rover Discovery has a toaster in the center console, wheels that churn butter while the vehicle is in motion, a rotisserie powered by the power take off, a slow-cooker beside the engine, a gas burner, a pasta maker, and a foldable table and workspace. Oliver even planned for a spice rack and herb garden.

“As a team, we never imagined we would be asked to produce wheels that churn butter so it has been great fun working alongside Jamie to bring his vision to life,” David Fairbairn, Special Vehicle Operations Head of Bespoke, said. “He really wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible with this versatile vehicle and the team fully embraced the challenge. The Discovery helps our customers make every day an adventure, and this special vehicle will give Jamie and his family the change to cook amazing meals during a road trip.”

Other features of the custom Land Rover Discovery include an aluminum sink, a flat screen TV, a spice drawer, a custom Land Rover barbecue, olive oil and vinegar dispenser, salt and pepper grinder, ice cream maker, jam store, a rotisserie and pasta cutter, and a custom mortar and pestle.

Oliver will be sharing about the building and design process on his Food Tube channel in a three-part-series. The first episode is available now.

The Land Rover Discovery is so versatile it is perfect for every family! Are you interested in learning more about the Land Rover Discovery? Contact us at Land Rover Frisco! We look forward to assisting you soon!

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Jaguar Land Rover Works to Promote Women in STEM

Land Rover Frisco is proud of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to diversity in the workplace. Through Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering apprenticeship program, Jaguar Land Rover is proud to announce the number of female apprentice engineers has grown from 30 to 75 in the last year. That is approximately one third of the new apprentices.

500 graduates and apprentices of Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering apprenticeship program came together at an induction event in early September. The program lasted a week and included plant tours, motivational speakers, and a chance to get questions answered by Jaguar and Land Rover designers.

“We are delighted to see so many young women are taking up engineering and we hope this positive trend continues.,” Ian Harnett, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Human Resources, said. “This is an exciting time to join Jaguar Land Rover as the changing landscape of mobility and technology opens new avenues and opportunities for the business. Mobility is about more than just movement and our new recruits have a unique opportunity to help shape the future lifestyles of our customers. As a technology company we are keen to attract the brightest talents and we are sure all of our new recruits will support our future plans to create autonomous, connected, electrified and shared vehicles.”

The new apprentices will learn at the Jaguar Land Rover Academy. The Jaguar Land Rover Academy not only instructs and trains newcomers, it also encourages learning for employees. Anyone wanting to learn a new skill or want to move to the next level in their department can gain training.

As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to diversity in the workplace ‘Young Women in the Know’ was set-up. This program encourages women to take part in the STEM community. Many women who have been a part of ‘Young Women in the Know’ have become a part of the Jaguar Land Rover family in a variety of capacities.

Are you interested in learning more about Land Rover? Contact us at Land Rover Frisco! We cannot wait to share Land Rover with you!

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