Off-Road Racing in the Defender

When it comes to crushing swamps and blazing through muddy tracks, the Land Rover Defender is a true veteran. Also known as Champion the Wondercamel, the Defender features Land Rover’s 4×4 architecture along with a fierce roll cage. Would you rather compete on a boring circular track or dive through the mud like a true racer?

Race engineers cherish the low center of gravity and responsive feedback that give the Defender an edge for both novice drivers and professionals. Charging through gravel paths with the new aluminum gear stick will be seamless as driver enjoy the rugged four-wheel drive experience.

Fire up the engine and you will hear the vehicle come to life, not necessarily a race-style V8 engine but the V8 diesel engine will grumble as you get ready to ride!

As you take off at terrifying speeds, the Defender will hug the corners of the turns and it’s all about anticipating what the vehicle will do next. It takes high jumps with ease but will magnify your errors while driving if you aren’t attentive.

Trail-braking as you turn will make the drive go smoothly and avoiding understeering while changing direction. Off-road racing is much more of an art as opposed to a full speed ahead drive, which is what makes the Defender the perfect contender with huge axle articulation.

The 2.2 diesel engine may not top a dragster for kick from the starting line but it will shove it’s weight impressively when it gets to the sweet spot of around 3,000 rpm. Ploughing through mud and huge puddles will be no feat for this vehicle as it is intended to get down and dirty!

Most of all, the Land Rover Defender is loads of fun and makes off-road driving a memorable experience.

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