Land Rover and Red Cross Introduce Project Hero

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar Land Rover designed an advanced communication vehicle known as ‘Project Hero’ to support the Austrian Red Cross in disaster response efforts. This special version of the new Land Rover Discovery will be used by the Red Cross to save lives by accelerating response times and improving rescue efficiency.

Their work with the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) has made a huge impact on humanitarian efforts around the world. Since 1954, Land Rover has backed the Red Cross with over 120 Range Rover vehicles for disaster efforts across the globe.

The Project Hero Discovery is the first SUV vehicle with a drone landing pad proudly developed by the Special Vehicle Operations department of JLR. The landing system boasts magnetic technology and self-centering to allow the drone to land safely while the SUV is moving.

The drone functionality will allow the emergency response personnel to view live footage to not only respond to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods but also to rescue survivors. Having an eye in the sky will help combat landscape changes and simplify the investigation and rescue planning process.

In addition to the drone enhancement, the interior of the Project Hero vehicle is equipped with a work surface area in the rear. The heavy-duty flooring slides out and additional equipment can be mounted behind the seats. With LED lighting positioned throughout the cabin, rescuers will also have improved night vision.

The Project Hero Discovery is currently in testing at the Austrian Red Cross center in Erzberg, where new disaster relief methods are being developed and simulated. The testing is slotted to be completed in June 2018, at which time it will be used in real life emergency support. The vehicle even has a full ensemble of radio equipment for responders to make contact during a disaster.

Jaguar Land Rover hopes that this unique vehicle will be used to save lives and perform extraordinary humanitarian efforts.

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