Evoque Convertible Raising the Bar

The Evoque convertible stands out from the crowd with its unique body style and impeccable performance. Raising the bar for convertible crossover vehicles, it draws eyes as a spectacle of the future of luxury vehicles.

The BMW E9 and Porsche 365 may compete for the attention of consumers but when it comes to street appeal, the Evoque is the clear winner.

When you think of convertibles, you can envision being cramped up in the back seat with no room to move your legs. Not with the Evoque. No need to be a contortionist to fit into this retractable-roof vehicle as it leaves plenty of space for comfort.

With generous leg-room and cushioned armrests, what’s not to love about riding in the Evoque? Chances are you will probably be eager to hop behind the wheel and experience the 240 horsepower turbocharged engine.

If you need to carry along luggage or groceries, simply pop the hatch near the spoiler and there is almost 9 cubic feet of cargo area. The space available in the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Beetle is a mere portion of what the Evoque is packing.

If you are going for a weekend getaway with your partner, two regular sized luggage bags will fit perfectly in the back. It may not be as much space as the full-size Range Rovers, but it is great for small families to enjoy convertible driving without sacrificing on cargo space.

You can expect a smooth ride over spots that other convertibles would struggle. The Evoque has added metal bracing to keep it from shifting around while in motion.

The Evoque convertible weighs a few hundred pounds more than the Coupe version, which can be contributed to the extra metal and the drop top. The weight certainly doesn’t have any impact on the torque behind this nine-speed automatic.

Push the pedal and embrace the kick behind the Evoque as it scampers forward. Just imagine having the top down, cruising through the city with all eyes on your new convertible!

Ready to test drive the Evoque convertible? Contact us at Land Rover Frisco to learn more about our new inventory of Range Rover Evoque models!

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