Project Hero

For 64 years, the Red Cross and Land Rover have partnered together on many projects across 4 continents in 24 countries. In 2017, Land Rover wanted to do something more to assist the Red Cross, so they launched Project Hero.

Project Hero is a unique version of the all-new Land Rover Discovery.

“This supremely capable vehicle is enhanced by the team of designers and engineers at Special Vehicle Operations through the integration of advanced drone technology,” John Edwards, Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, said.

David Wran-Schume is a part of the Operations and Disaster Management for the Austrian Red Cross. He has been with the Red Cross for 11 years. He and his team were able to test the special version of the Land Rover Discovery.

“We’re up here to test the new Discovery with the drone and to identify how it would fit into the team and what role it can play,” Wran-Schume said. “A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine having access to this technology and being a part of this project.”

“There is a lot of technology packed into the new Discovery, it makes it a lot easier to clear communication channels so that everybody is linked up and ready to go. We get the chance to identify signs of missing people around hazards that can harm our personnel involved.”

The drone built into the new Discovery even comes equipped with infrared technology. Wran-Schume continues, “Infrared camera technology is really useful because you can identify heat sources.”

“For me all these ingredients, the technology, the new discovery, and our own expertise coming together would make a big difference and may ultimately save lives. This could mark the start of a new era in search and rescue.”

Land Rover believes that saving lives is “a duty, a privilege, one of the greatest things one human-being can do for another.” By partnering with the Red Cross to bring them this unique version of the new Discovery, Land Rover is hoping that many more lives are saved.

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New Velar Sets Trends

Land Rover debuted their newest vehicle, the Range Rover Velar, at the Design Museum in London last week. The Velar fills the gap between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

“The Velar creates a different space for Range Rover,” Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, says. “Designing a car is a collaborative process. It’s about great designers and great engineers coming as one to achieve a common aim, and that is to create something truly special.”

Creative Director for Interiors, Massimo Frascella, continues describing the design, “The form, the volumes, the lines, the details, everything just works so beautifully together. Reducing the visual noise, reducing the complexity, and just bring the purity, those few lines that are so critical that really gives that sophisticated feel. Every single part is visually connected, has a reason to be there, has a logic.”

The Range Rover Velar exemplifies modernity and innovation with its design. The interior is designed to be a sanctuary. The Range Rover Velar boasts flush deployable door handle and burnished copper detailing. It also features a new fabric design on the seats. This gives a glimpse at design trends for future Range Rovers.

“This meeting of the digital and the physical, the tradition, the progressive,” Amy Franscella, Chief Designer, Color & Materials, says, “It’s this sleek piece of architecture that allows the technology to come to you when you need to call upon it. We’ve created a new material signature of the cut diamond. It will become a signifier for Range Rovers in the future.”

“One of the things that the Velar does beautifully is it integrates the technology, and it doesn’t let the technology dictate,” McGovern continues. “ Its compelling design, its tailored technology, and its relevant innovation, they combine to create a vehicle that will truly resonate on an emotional level. The new Range Rover Velar changes everything.”

Winter with the Top Down

Photographers Niki Csanyi, Grace Ban, and Neil Britto were in for quite a treat when they decided to go road tripping through Colorado. They opted for Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque Convertible for their trip.

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible was primarily built for city life, however, this trip goes to show how truly versatile it really is. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible thrived in the rural Colorado winter. The Active Driveline feature tracks the driving conditions and switches from 2 Wheel Drive to 4 Wheel Drive automatically.

The first stop for the photographers was the ghost town of Dunton. Located just across the mountain from Telluride, Dunton is known for its natural hot springs. The photographers were able to relax in the hot springs for a while and were even powdered with a little snow.

“When we arrived in Dunton I was really happy because all of us were very surprised how remote and how beautiful it is. This remoteness just makes you appreciate nature,” Niki Csanyi said.

The next day, the group headed towards the town of Ouray. Ouray is home to frozen ice climbing walls that the photographers were keen to try. Along the way they were able to stop and take plenty of photographs of Colorado’s beautiful landscape.

“As a photographer I’m always looking for this vantage point that’s not the most popular one. I like to go off-road. I like to travel and explore as much as I can,” Neil Britto said.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible kept them going with its All-Terrain Progress Control. This feature makes sure the vehicle goes a steady speed so it can fully conquer any road.

A convertible and cold weather usually do not go together, however, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is equipped with everything and more to make sure its occupants are happy and comfortable in every environment.

Range Rover Explores Norwegian Fjords

Renowned photography and native Norwegian, Jonas Bendiksen, and Land Rover have teamed up to create a series called “Ultimate Vistas.” This group of photographs feature unbelievable landscapes by Bendiksen throughout Norway. To get from place to place Bendiksen uses the Range Rover to make sure he tackle all terrains.

During Part 1 of the Ultimate Vistas Series Bendiksen drove from Oslo through the Dovre Mountains. In Part 2, he drove through Trollstigen.

After photographing Trollstigen, Bendiksen drove west towards the fjords of Norway and ended up in the area around Geiranger. Bendiksen realized how important light played when he tried to photograph the fjords.

“Light and timing is everything, especially in what I’m doing right now,” Bendiksen said. “When the things I am actually photographing are so still, then the light becomes more important. There is no golden hour here. We are photographing mountains and a lot of the time some are still quite high to come across into the valleys. The only variable I have is where to stand and the light.”

The lighting ended up being more of challenge to Bendiksen than he thought, so he took the night to regroup before trying again the next day.

“First day roughing around out here I was kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time so I decided to take one more night and explore a hotel called Uvet Landscape Hotel. I think my favorite thing about the hotel is that it’s all built around nature. Each room is so unique. A box with a glass facade fits you right in the woods. What a place to wake up. Lying in bed in this dark room and outside dawn is coming and lighting up this forest landscape.”

The next day he was up and ready to get going.

“After that first day I discovered that the fjords had bends in a ’S’ shape, and right around the first bend was an abandoned farm on some cliff. From there you can look out towards a waterfall, a bend in the fjord, and I decided that would be worth looking at. I figured that the best way to get there would be to drive to the closest place you can get with a car, and then see if we could hire a boat and cross the fjord that way.”

“When I got to the mooring point I realized time was already running out, so I ended up running up this hill. As you’re climbing up you don’t see anything, it’s sort of dense foliage around you, and then suddenly the path goes over a more exposed rock that elevates you about the trees, and bang! You have this crazy vista.”

Even with all the hurrying and running. Bendiksen “got there right before the light ran out,” so he got his picture.

Launching Range Rover Reborn

Land Rover is excited to announce the next vehicle in the Classic Land Rover ‘Reborn’ series that will be fully restored to its original condition, the Range Rover.

The Range Rover Reborn program is offering Land Rover and car enthusiasts an opportunity to buy an original vintage Range Rover. The Range Rover Reborn program was created due to the largely successful start of the Land Rover Series 1 Reborn program last year.

The first completely restored vintage Range Rover will make its debut at the Salon Retromobile 2017 car show in Paris, France from February 8-12.

The team at Land Rover Classic has put together research from years of engineering and design to make sure they are properly restoring the first Range Rover Reborn.

The first Range Rover that will be restored will be a 1978 Classic Range Rover in the color Bahama Gold. It will feature a 3528cc V8 Petrol Carburetor Zenith-Stromberg 175CD type engine with a max power of 132bhp at 5000rpm, a max torque of 186lb-ft at 2500rpm, and 4-speed manual transmission (lockable central differential).

“Range Rover Reborn is another showcase of our dedicated in-house engineering expertise,” Tim Hannig, Director, Jaguar Land Rover Classic, says. “It underscores our commitment to nurturing the rich heritage of Land Rover, and is a rare opportunity for customers to own a valuable and genuinely collectible automotive icon. It is a wonderful way to preserve the much sought after three-door original Range Rover from the 1970s, from period-correct color ways to interior trim and accessories.”

The Range Rover Reborn vehicle will be completely restored according to the original 1970s factory specifications and will use Land Rover Classic parts to keep the vehicle authentic.

Car enthusiasts with a sweet spot for Land Rover Classic vehicles will have a change to purchase a Range Rover Reborn. The price will start at around $170,000.