Range Rover’s 30th Anniversary

The Land Rover Range Rover made its debut in North America just 30 years ago. Just in time to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the latest model of the Land Rover Range Rover, the SVAutobiography Dynamic, is for sale now. 

Through a special video you are able to see the Land Rover Range Rover’s evolution through 4 generations and how significant design elements are incorporated from the original Land Rover Range Rover into today’s generation.

The Land Rover Range Rover first made its debut in Europe in 1970, and it has easily become a standard for engineering innovation, industrial design, and refinement. Over the last five decades the Land Rover Range Rover has brought in over a million sales and is one of the most elegant and sophisticated SUV’s on the market. It is known for its belt line, split tailgate, clamshell hood, and ‘floating roof.’

“Range Rover has, over time, achieved iconic design status through progressive evolution of its unique DNA, culminating in a vehicle of peerless distinction,” says Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, “From its sense of evolution and sophisticated sensibilities inherent in its interior design, to its understated yet powerful exterior proportions, Range Rover stands alone. There’s simply nothing else like it.”

When the Land Rover Range Rover was first released in 1970, it was a two-door vehicle and was one of the first vehicles to have permanent all-wheel drive. In 1981, a four-door option of the Land Rover Range Rover became available, and the first with automatic transmission became available in 1982. In 1987 the Land Rover Range Rover debuted in North America, and in 1989 it was the first to have anti-lock brakes.

The Land Rover Range Rover has continued to evolve as our world’s demand for luxury and technology increases. The newest version of the Land Rover Range Rover, the SVAutobiography Dynamic, exemplifies luxury, performance, and sophistication.

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Land Rover Looks Back

Land Rover is known for the rich heritage that has enabled them to develop award winning vehicles with outstanding performance.

Maurice Wilks (1904 – 1963) and his brother created the first Land Rover over 60 years ago. Maurice was married and had three children. Stephen Wilks, the youngest son of Maurice Wilks, remembers growing up with the Land Rover years ago.

“An early memory I have is going up to Anglesey where we had a sort of holiday cottage and a farm up there. I remember those years, the Land Rover was always a part of our holiday, and that’s a very strong memory for me,” Stephen says. 

“We’d take picnics with it. We’d go sometimes through the dunes. The Land Rover was persuaded to negotiate this stream at one point, which was always very bumpy, and my father used to have to make it charge into it. So, we all hung on tight and the Land Rover went whooshing through. All the mud would splay up everywhere.”

Stephen also spoke about how his father would have been so proud and excited about the advancements in technology in vehicle design, especially in the Land Rover.

“He loved innovation. He was always looking ahead at the latest things that were coming out, and to see the modern Land Rover with its onboard computers and the changes that have been made from the Series 1 to what you get now, that would have been a great interest to him, and he’d always be really at the forefront of that trying to develop it further. He was always a man that looked to the future.”

Maurice Wilks started working at the Rover Company in 1930 as chief engineer. In 1946, he was made technical director, and in 1960 he was given the job of managing director. Finally in 1962, just a year before passing away, he was made chairman.

Maurice Wilks is just one part of Land Rover’s rich heritage. His contributions to the Rover Company, and the production of the Land Rover, continue to live on through the legacy he has left. 

Adventure Awaits with the Range Rover

Proven over and over again, Land Rover makes the best road trip vehicles. The combination of luxury and performance makes traveling comfortable and stylish.

Photographers Ilitch Peters, Neil Britto, and Rover Broadbent, from New York, set out for a Californian adventure with some help from the Land Rover Range Rover.Land RoverF - January 1-1

First, they stopped in Point Reyes located in Marin County, 30 minutes outside San Francisco. Point Reyes is known for their outdoor activities, such as hiking and sea kayaking. It is also home to breathtaking cliffs, beaches, and interesting wildlife. Plenty of opportunity for photographers to take some outstanding photographs.

After their stop in Point Reyes, they continued on to photograph the Cypress Tree Tunnel. Two rows of massive Monterey Cypress Trees create the tunnel by overlapping their branches over the road. From there, they ventured to the Redwood forest of Myers Flat. This is the home of the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree. This iconic Redwood is 5,000 years old. The opening in the trunk was made by a fire years and years ago. There was barely enough room for the Range Rover to squeeze through.

At this point in their journey, the weather took a turn on them and rain and snow came beating down. They knew not to worry though, the Range Rover is perfectly equipped to handle every driving condition.

On the second day of their road trip, they drove on the nation’s oldest scenic highway, the Historic Columbia River Highway. This highway was built between 1913 and 1922 and boasts incredible views.Land RoverF - January 1-2

Their last stop on the road trip was Rowena Crest in Oregon. This rock was shaped by centuries of erosion. There is only one way to the drive to the top. Thankfully, Peters, Britto, and Broadbent had the Range Rover to pull them through. This road has plenty of switchbacks and turns and a horseshoe curve.

With an incredible road trip like this, and the Range Rover to support them, they definitely came away with some fond memories and outstanding photographs.