Test Your Driving Skills in Carmel, California

A Land Rover Experience Driving School is a great way to test drive a Land Rover, refine some driving skills, and experience a location you may never have visited before.

Located in Carmel, California, at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club, this Land Rover Experience Driving School is open year-round, so it is a great option if you have trouble finding time to get away. Land Rover will customize the lessons and adventures to cater to your skill type and ensure you are learning new skills.

A qualified instructor will be with you as you ascend and descend steep trails, climb a pile of logs or rocks, or maneuver around tight turns. Your customized lesson will include expedition-style driving, off-road driving, and Tread Lightly procedures.

land-roverf-november-3Once you have completed your private customized lesson, you will be able to book trails with your instructor. The open landscape surrounding the Quail Lodge & Gold Club is comprised of over eighty acres of rocks, sand traps, wooded trails, hills, descents, and plenty of other obstacles. Your instructor will be able to coach you in more advanced driving skills while driving on the trails.

If one or two hours just is not enough for you, the Land Rover Experience Driving School also offers a Full Day Experience. The Full Day Experience includes a customized lesson and then continues on a trail that will be sure to challenge your newfound driving skills as well as teaching  more advanced off-road skills. The Full Day Experience includes a picnic lunch and a Land Rover Experience gift.

Another great option is using the Land Rover Experience Driving School as a team building exercise. Their team building program is fully customizable to cater your event or corporate retreat. Team building events include Geo-Caching Scavenger Hunts, Mission Impossible, or the Off-Road Challenge, and every participant receives a Land Rover Experience gift!

No matter the reason for wanting to get away, the Land Rover Experience Driving School at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, California is your go-to location!

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Laird Hamilton Surfs With Discovery

Laird Hamilton, eight-year-old Jett Prefontaine, and members of the Silicon Beach Surfers Club have tested and approved the new Land Rover Discovery with Discovery Dynamic Design Pack, which made its debut in the United States at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16th.

Hamilton and Prefontaine took the new Land Rover Discovery for a spin to Point Mugu in Malibu, California. While surfing, Hamilton was able to access Land Rover’s Intelligent Seat Fold and reconfigure the seats of the Discovery via the InControl Remote app on his smart phone; similar to Bear Grylls reconfigured the seats while skydiving.

“The new Land Rover Discover could have been made as the ultimate surfer’s SUV,” Hamilton gushes, “Its specially-designed Aqua Rack makes it easy to transport your boards, the Powered Inner Tailgate is the perfect place to sit in shelter from the elements and the Activity Key is awesome – I wish I’d had one years ago.”

“You can even adjust the vehicle from the surf! Remotely rearranging the seats to make space for your friends, or activating the climate control to cool the vehicle before you catch the last wave of the day, has to be the ultimate in convenience.”

Hamilton and Prefontaine used the Aqua Rack, specially-designed for the Land Rover Discovery, to carry and transport their surfboards.

The Discovery Dynamic Design Pack incorporates the Land Rover Discovery’s all-terrain capability with unprecedented versatility and all-new exterior. The pack is available on the HSE and HSE Luxury models.

The Activity Key feature is a waterproof wristband that allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle so you do not have to carry the conventional key fob. Furthermore, the Activity Key will disable the key fob so it can be left safely inside the vehicle. The wristband is waterproof up to 98 feet and withstands temperatures from -58 degrees to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Discovery Dynamic Design Pack was definitely built with the consumer in mind. Land Rover continues to push the limits and continues to produce vehicles that better serve their consumers’ lifestyles.

If you want to learn more about the All-New Land Rover Discovery or its optional Discovery Dynamic Design Pack, contact us at Land Rover Frisco! We are cannot wait to serve you!

Jaguar Land Rover Works Towards Sustainability

Jaguar Land Rover is known for their performance. Their vehicles are top of line, built to withstand all conditions without comprising performance or style. Now, Jaguar Land Rover is taking a step further to create more sustainable vehicles without comprising what they stand for.

Jaguar Land Rover was one of the first UK automakers to study the overall environmental impact of a vehicle. The study, the Life Cycle Assessment, allows them to look at the bigger picture. It allows them to look at the lifetime of the resources and materials that are used and the impact they are having on the environment.

The Life Cycle Assessment has definitely already proven its worth. Jaguar Land Rover has put out the Range Rover Evoque, which is the most efficient Range Rover to date, and they have cut the average CO2 tailpipe emissions by 25% in their European fleet since 2007.


When designing for fuel efficiency Jaguar Land Rover focuses on four areas. The lightweight body structures, the hybrid & electric solutions, stop/start technology, and powertrain efficiency.

By focusing on lightweight body structure Jaguar Land Rover is able to improve aerodynamics which reduces the size of the engine needed to deliver power.

Hybrid & electric solutions use less, or no, gas to power the vehicle, so less CO2 is emitted. Jaguar Land Rover has a team of 260 engineers working to discover how combustion engines are can work with elect motors to lessen the amount of energy lost by braking and driving.

With stop/start technology the engine completely stops with the vehicle is at rest, then restarts when the driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal. This significantly reduces fuel consumption and in turn also reduces CO2 emissions.

Powertrain efficiency allows Jaguar Land Rover to keep delivering high performance vehicles while making them more sustainable with fewer emissions.

Jaguar Land Rover continues to show its dedication to improving the quality of life on Earth by creating more sustainable vehicles with the continued luxury and high performance Jaguar Land Rover is known for.