The JLR Smartwatch!

Jaguar Land Rover has recently announced the expansion of its wearable technology solutions with the introduction of its remote functions app to Android Wear watch, which was revealed at the Wearable Technology Show 2016 in

The new Android Wear app introduces a suite of connected features, including the ability to activate climate control settings by remotely starting the engine, warming you up or cooling you off before hitting the road.

The new Android Wear watch app also allows you to check the vehicle’s fuel level, monitor its location and remotely lock and unlock the doors to let a friend or family member access the vehicle when the owner isn’t close by.

Leon Hurst, Head of Digital and Connected Car, Product Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “This expansion of connectivity brings all the functionality of our Apple Watch app to Android devices and underlines Jaguar Land Rover’s dedication to its Connected Car Vision.”watch 2

Jaguar Land Rover’s state-of-the-art InControl Touch Pro infotainment system allows customers to access their favorite smartphone apps through the vehicle’s tablet-style 10.2-inch touchscreen. With a powerful quad-core processor and solid-state drive, it runs on ultra-fast Ethernet and supports features such as Wi-Fi Hotspot capability, live weather report apps, flight tracking apps and intelligent navigation that can tell friends and colleagues if you are running late. The user-friendly touchscreen interface delivers fast responses and behaves like a mobile device allowing users to both pinch and zoom.

The Android Wear watch app will be available on all future Jaguar and Land Rover models as well as on previous models fitted with InControl Remote or InControl Protect.  Feel free to call Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas to for more info.

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Land Rover – Creative Spaces

So it turn out that comfortable seating, natural light and the absence of noise are the most crucial factors in encouraging creative thought, according to a study released last month.creative

The report, carried out by Land Rover with organizational psychologist Sir Cary Cooper and the Institute of Directors, questioned over 900 global CEOs, directors and high-level managers to assess the optimum environment for inspiring creative ideas.

It found that 84% of business leaders believe their environment is important for enabling creative thought. Beyond the top 3 physical factors, respondents listed fresh air (23%), a feeling of space (18%) and natural materials (wood, leather etc.) (5%) as being vital for a creative environment, whilst being in comfort (64%), having time to think (61%) and not feeling stressed (41%) were seen as the required psychological conditions for having the best ideas.

“The findings of this study suggest that cars present an opportunity for both the right psychological and the right physical conditions for creativity,” says Cooper. “Creative thoughts will often come to us at a time when we least expect them – when we are relaxed or not thinking about a problem. Experiments have shown that when dopamine is released into our brains from habitual or instinctive distractions, such as driving a car, we are more able to allow our brains to be creative.”

Land Rover’s study shows that catching up on emails is the second most popular business activity in the car (39%) followed by working on urgent tasks (34%). “Email overload is the biggest cause of productivity damage for the UK workforce,” says Cary. “Perhaps those Executives who are using their time in the car to work on emails might find benefits using the time and environment for reflection and thought instead.”creat

This flexibility to work from almost any location continues to increase in line with developments in technology, with connectivity being a key driver. The 3G connectivity of the InControl system seen in Range Rover is just one example of this in action.

For Cary Cooper, the key learning of the study is that, wherever Executives choose to do their work, for them to truly flourish it is vital that their surroundings are conducive to creative thought.

Land Rover Awaits You at The 2016 DFW Auto Show!

Land Rover Frisco is pleased to announce the upcoming DFW Auto Show taking place March 16-20th at the Kay Bailey Huchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas!auto

One of the most anticipated annual events in the Metroplex, the DFW Auto Show is the ideal opportunity for consumers to compare styling and pricing of every major line make under one roof in just a few hours. The DFW Auto Show was conceived in 1982, and now boasts more than half a million square feet of new cars, trucks and SUVs, including an impressive collection of upcoming Land Rovers.

An outdoor Ride & Drive event once again will take place at this year’s DFW Auto Show. Visitors will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of their favorite cars, trucks and SUVS from a variety of manufacturers. The event will take place at various locations outside of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.     Hours for the outdoor Ride & Drive event are: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday, March 18-20.

land rover

The DFW Auto Show also provides an extreme shopping experience for attendees in the Allied Exhibit area, where guests will enjoy dozens of different booths from a variety of venders in the auto industry.

Ticket pricing is as follows:  $12 for adults, $5 for senior citizens 65 and older, $5 for children 6 to 12 years old.  Children 5 and under admitted free.

We look forward to seeing you at the show, as well as at Land Rover Frisco in the near future!