Land Rover – Maintenance Free

Did you know that when you purchase one of our opulent and award winning vehicles from us here at Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas your first scheduled maintenance is complimentary?  Well guess what, now you do!maint

Cruise on over to see us in your beloved Land Rover or Range Rover and your first required maintenance will be performed at no charge within your first 12 months or 15,000 miles (whichever comes first).  If you are the proud owner of a Land Rover LR2, your first required maintenance will be performed at no charge within your first 6 months or 7,500 miles.

All of our vehicles that are still under warranty are also covered by our exclusive Land Rover Roadside Assistance Program.  A call to our 24-hour toll-free hotline (1-800-637-6837) brings you help anywhere in the United States.

Services include:
- 24-Hour Roadside Assistance: provides assistance with flat tires, low fuel, a battery jump, keys locked in the car and more.

- 24-Hour Emergency Towing:  complimentary transportation of your vehicle to the nearest Land Rover Retailer.

- Land Rover Retailer Locator Service: enables you to locate Land Rover authorized parts and service.

- Trip-Interruption Expense Benefits: reasonable reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses if a warranty-related disablement occurs more than 50 miles from home.

- Land Rover Trip-Routing Service: computerized city-to-city trip-routing maps out your travels. maint 2

Another feature that some may be not know about, is that your Land Rover is equipped with a service interval indicator on the dash that will notify you when it’s time for your first scheduled maintenance.

And don’t forget that our expert technicians install only the finest Land Rover Genuine Parts.  Each Genuine Part is designed, engineered and tested for optimum performance, safety, durability and reliability.

Should you have any questions regarding our Roadside Assistance Program or maintenance services, then please call 972-370-2345 and one of our qualified and friendly team members here at Land Rover Frisco will gladly get them answered for you.


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Land Rover – Intelligence Driven

Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas is here to bring you cutting-edge technology that is being pioneered by Land Rover researchers to develop a truly intelligent self-learning vehicle that will offer a completely personalized driving experience.

Using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, Land Rover’s self-learning SUV will offer a comprehensive array of services to the driver, courtesy of a new learning algorithm that recognizes who is in the car and learns their personal preferences and driving style. The software then applies this learning by using a range of variables including your calendar, the time of day, traffic conditions and the weather to predict driver behavior and take over many of the daily driving “chores”, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road.

This innovative and fascinating technology will recognize the driver by the Smartphone or other device and by the time the driver has opened the car door, the mirrors, steering wheel and seat settings will all be set to the individual’s preferences!  The cabin will be pre-set to the desired temperature, and be intelligent enough to change it if it is snowing or raining.   Through the ‘Smart Assistant’, the car will also review your schedule for the day and intelligently pre-set the navigation depending on traffic conditions to avoid congestion. It will also predict your next destination based on your schedule.   Now that’s impressive.

The self-learning Land Rover will also be able to learn an individual’s driving style in a range of traffic conditions and on different types of road. When the driver activates Auto Adaptive Cruise Control (AACC) the car will be able to apply these learned distance settings and acceleration profiles to automated cruise control.

Some other features include:
- Destination Prediction – automatic destination entry to navigation system based on historical usage.
- Fuel Assist– suggests fuel stations which have the driver’s preferred brand and location, based on historical usage. The car will let you know if you have enough fuel before long journeys the day before you travel.
- Predictive Phone Call – predicts who you are likely to call in a certain situation.
- Passenger Awareness – will activate passenger preferred infotainment settings and personal climate zones.
- Intelligent Notifications – based on traffic situation, the car can alert people that you will be late or provide relevant contextual updates such as flight delays on your drive to the airport.

All of us here at Land Rover Frisco agree that this is some seriously impressive stuff, and you can delve deeper into the realm of the new self-learning Land Rover by contacting us at 972-370-2345.  In the meantime we invite you to sit back and take a gander at the video below.

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Tackle That Terrain!

At Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas we realize that from time to time you may want to venture off the beaten path onto more adventurous landscapes so that you can put your vehicle to the test.   Luckily for you, we incorporated the one-of-a-kind Land Rover Terrain Response system that rests at your fingertips to help you along the way.terrain

The patented Terrain Response system allows you to select one of several modes that optimizes performance on a variety of different surfaces.  And with the recent advent of Terrain Response 2 Auto, you now have the option of letting your Land Rover sense and adjust to the appropriate combination of terrain response settings automatically.  At the flick of a switch, Terrain Response 2 Auto reconfigures transmission, suspension and traction settings for maximum drivability in just about any condition.

Here are the different modes briefly explained:

This is for driving on paved roads around town and on the highway and is also suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground.

Throttle response is dialed back to reduce wheelspin, the transmission starts in second gear and the differential locks are set to be more aggressive. This is the first mode since it represents the type of terrain drivers are likely to encounter the most often.

Suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground.  In this mode, the transmission starts in first gear and the system recommends both low range and a raised suspension

To counter loose sand, the system dials back throttle response and changes the transmission shift pattern to maximize power.

Over larger moguls, drivers need reduced throttle response but a more aggressive traction control. This mode only works in low range since rock crawling is not to be done at speed.


So as you can clearly see, there is no terrain too tough for your Land Rover to tackle, and alliteration aside, there is simply no better SUV on the market that you should be looking at buying.   So stop by Land Rover Frisco today and let us help you begin your journey into the off-road realm of infinite possibility.

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Range Rover Sport – Entering Stealth Mode

Looking to add a little more flare and pizzazz to your Range Rover Sport?   Well if so then now is the time to contact Land Rover Frisco in Frisco, Texas to find out about the newly released Stealth Pack!stealth 2

Available on HSE Dynamic and Autobiography Range Rover Sport models only, the Stealth Pack is designed to make the Range Rover truly stand out from the crowd and turn heads galore.

The Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack consists of mostly exterior design enhancements such as; satin black inserts that are fitted to the front grille, foglamp bezels, hood and fender vents, tailgate finisher, mirrors and tailgate details and stunning satin black 21 or 22 inch alloy wheels.

Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern said the Stealth pack was all part of a plan to offer more choice to customers. It will be available with all three Range Rover Sport engines, the 3.0-liter V6, the 4.4-liter V8 and the 5.0-liter V8.

The Range Rover Sport equipped with the new Stealth Pack can be seen at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs from June 26-29 on the grounds of Goodwood House in the U.K.   Order books will open later this year, with deliveries expected to start in early 2015.  And though it is yet to be confirmed, we may also see a new high-performance version of the Range Rover Sport wearing an R-S badge and is expected to be the fastest and most responsive Land Rover ever produced.stealth

To find out more about the Stealth Pack or to schedule a test drive in the Land Rover of your choice, call or stop by Land Rover Frisco and we will happily assist you.

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Discovery Concept Unveiled

Land Rover Frisco would like to proudly announce the arrival of the Discovery Vision Concept that stunned the masses at the 2014 New York International Auto Show in April.   This memorable and ritzy event took place on the deck of the USS Intrepid, now serving out its retirement as the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in the Hudson River in New York City.

For the past decade, Discovery models sold in North America have been designated the LR3 and LR4, but the Vision Concept marks the return of the Discovery nameplate and is back to redefine its territory in the leisure category.   The Discovery Vision Concept showcases the total essence of a future family of SUVs built on Land Rover’s key principles of emotive design, unrivalled capability and ultimate versatility.

The seven-passenger Discovery is loaded with high-tech goodies, including Gesture Control, Remote Control Drive, laser headlights, Smart Glass, Laser Terrain Scanning and Transparent Bonnet.  Most, if not all of the technology will begin to trickle out over the next decade on Land Rover’s production vehicles, setting a new standard in innovation and technological features.

This remarkable Concept SUV will be also be equipped for true off-roading, as evidenced by the inclusion of the latest generation of the Land Rover Terrain Response system. Optimizing systems for snow, ice, mud, inclines and so forth, the system will incorporate lasers and cameras to automatically scan the terrain and select the best possible mode. The new Wade Aid also uses lasers to judge the depth of water hazards before the vehicle begins to cross them, which, for a lack of a better word, is just plain awesome.

If you would like to find out more about the new Discovery Vision Concept please don’t hesitate to call Land Rover Frisco, and while you are on the phone with us feel free to inquire about our 2014 lineup of always impressive and highly capable Land Rovers.

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